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Some Spectacular Senior Golf Courses In Alabama

Senior golf can be played anywhere but some of the golf courses in Alabama have their fair share of visitors. If you want a great golfing experience and you happen to be a senior golfer, some these golf courses will intrigue you. The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful anytime of year. When you play a round of golf and look off to the distance, you will know you have experienced a great golfing experience. The Senior PGA Tour was played in Birmingham was just one of the major golf tournaments ........ Read More

Perfecting Your Performance On The Golf Course

The obstacles you face on the golf course range from sand traps to water and trees. Even though you will not usually encounter more than one obstacle during the game, having to move your golf ball from behind a tree or trying to get it out of a sand trap could end up costing you a higher score. Golf balls that are lost in the water cannot be retrieved, so you will have to place a new golf ball near the water and sacrifice a shot in order to get back on track. Because of these obstacles, your gam........ Read More

Ceann Sibeal Golf Club: Europes Most Westerly Golf Course

Set in Europe's third largest island, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club can be found on the Western most part of Ireland and is blessed with astounding natural beauty composed of rolling dune terrains and steep and sharp cliffs that juts to the ocean. When it’s a golf vacation in Ireland that you want, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club should always be on your list. Encompassed with some of Ireland's tallest mountains which include the popular Mount Brandon, the Ceann Sibeal Golf Club offers a variet........ Read More

Golf Courses And Driving Ranges

Before a game of golf, many people practice first in order to be able to play their best during the game. Driving ranges are open fields complete with yard markers that tell golfers how far they have hit the ball. After paying for a bucket of gold balls, golfers use their own clubs to practice specific strokes and techniques that they may struggle with on the course. Those who enjoy golf will visit a driving range once or twice a week depending on their time and skill level in order to improve t........ Read More

The Particulars Of Golf Course Management

A common dream for golfers is to be able to manage their own golf course. Imagine having the freedom of being surrounded by your favorite sport 365 days a year and also being in complete charge of an entire golf course. Sounds like an impossible dream doesn't it? With the proper schooling and training you can make this dream your reality. Having knowledge about golf course management is a must. Owning a golf course isn't something that you should jump into without first considering all of the........ Read More

Relax Time With Golf Course In Pattaya

There are many famous and modern golf course available around the world. Mostly people love to go to big country like USA or UK. However, If we take a look for golf course in Asian country like china, Malaysia or Thailand, there are also quality golf course available in these countries. If you are the one who look for a golf trip in Thailand, so may I take this opportunity to introduce one of the finest city in eastern region of Thailand, Pattaya. It might get most reputation from its beautif........ Read More

Planning For A Day At The Golf Course

Depending on which courses you are playing, renting a golf cart may make getting from one hole to another much easier. Because golf courses can be spread out over many acres of land, golf carts make transporting people, golf equipment, and other items more enjoyable than having to carry them from hole to hole. Because golfers want to spend the majority of their time on the course golfing instead of walking, renting a cart is advised. If you are playing on a smaller course, you may not need to........ Read More

Minnesota Golf Courses In The City Of Duluth

Copyright 2006 Dana Buttenhoff Minnesota golf courses come in a wide variety from 9-hole mom and pop courses to 54-hole resort complexes. In this series of articles we have been discussing different destination, today we will highlight the golf courses located in the city of Duluth. The following are the golf courses located in Duluth. · Enger Park Golf Course, 1801 West Skyline Boulevard. Telephone number is 218-723-3452. · Grand View Golf Duluth, 5665 Grand View Road. Telephone number is 21........ Read More

Retire To The Golf Course

Retiring to the golf course doesn't need to be just a dream. It also doesn't have to mean retiring to Florida or Arizona either. For that matter, it doesn't mean that you need to wait until you're ready to retire to start looking into golf club homes like those at the Anderson Creek Club in North Carolina. With a year round temperate climate, easy access to both beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and to mountain ranges on the Western side of the state, the Anderson Creek Club is in an ideal loc........ Read More

Minnesota Golf Courses:dacotah Ridge

Copyright 2006 Dana Buttenhoff Minnesota golf courses come in many varieties, from 9-hole mom and pop operations to 54-hole resort complexes. We have been discussing golf vacation destinations in Minnesota during this series of articles. Today we will highlight Dacotah Ridge in Morton, Minnesota. Dacotah Ridge is located approximately 110 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. From other regional centers it would be approximately 235 miles from La Crosse, Wisconsin, 310 miles from Des Moines, Iow........ Read More

Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay Egypt

Les Cascades Golf Course Soma Bay is a most beautiful championship golf course designed by Gary Player and is the first course on the Western Red Sea coast as well as the first championship course in the Middle East designed by one of the 'Big Three' (Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus). The course has been described by Gary Player as the 'next Pebble Beach' and ranked amongst the 20 top golf courses in the world by readers of 'Golf Journal'. If you want to play golf in Egypt thi........ Read More

Tralee Golf Club: Heavens Link Course In Earth

A game that is centuries old, golf has grown extremely popular that many lands have been clipped and mowed, mountains and sand dunes sculptured and traps are set and trees are moved just so man can have a golf course that they can have fun on. More than just a stick and a ball, a quiet round of golf has forged many partnerships, bonded new friendships and has given a sense of peace and relaxation like no other. As each man develops the passion for the game, playing in his local golf cours........ Read More

The Donald Trumped By A Golf Course?

Donald Trump is one of the greatest real estate developers in the world and he’s single-handedly taken on the real estate development industry. But with that being said, not even he can get away with harming the environment. Trump is contemplating halting operations on a $2 billion golf course project on the Scottish Coast since environmentalists are up in arms over the development of the historic Scottish land. Environmentalists in the area are against moving forward, and this may end up bei........ Read More

8 Types Of Golf Course Jobs For Career-bound Individuals

Many golf enthusiasts decide not to pursue a career in the field because they are afraid there are not enough jobs available. However, the golf industry is quite large, and with such a variety of possible positions that no one who has chosen golf as a career need fear unemployment or underemployment. The possible positions listed below represent golf course jobs, only a small slice of what is available in the golf industry. Golf course training and instruction: Golf is an incredibly popula........ Read More

Golf Holidays In Spain, Courses And Instruction

Golf holidays in Spain are popular year round in many areas. The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have favourable weather even in winter for golfing. For this reason, most of the resorts are located along the Mediterranean coast. New courses are being built all the time in these areas to keep up with the demand. Golf Holidays in Spain, Courses and Instruction You can find information on courses through a travel agent or online. There is information on course conditions, locations, maps and ........ Read More


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